First Aid Kit Supplies

The following list of recommended first aid kit supplies are strongly recommended for departmental purchase. First aid supplies should be used to provide initial medical care for first aid type cases (e.g. abrasions, minor cuts, burns) that occur while performing job duties. Injuries needing further medical care should be referred Boone Urgent Care or Watauga Medical Center Emergency Room, if Boone Urgent Care is closed or the injury is considered life threatening. Departmental purchased first aid kits and associated contents must be reviewed by the Safety Manager before P-card purchases, petty cash disbursements or final procurement requests are issued. Please be sure to provide the number of employees in your dept/area, the intended use, and audience to be served on your requst.

NOTE: Over-the counter medicines (e.g. Tylenol, Advil, Kaopectate, cough syrups) are NOT listed on the attached sheet and are NOT approved to be purchased by departments with University funds.

As a reminder, all employee work-related injuries and illnesses MUST be reported to the area supervisor immediately. Workers' Compensation reporting forms are required to be completed and submitted to the Workers Compensation Claims Administrator within 24 hours of the incident. For accidents or injuries not considered work-related, complete the Appalachian State University Incident Report Form (one page), keep a copy for departmental files, send the original to the Workers' Compensation Administrator (WCA), and send a copy to the Environmental Health Safety & Emergency Managment Office. Copies of the Workers' Compensation forms can be obtained from the WCA, Human Resource Services. The one page Incident Report from can be accessed from the Forms section on the Environmental Health, Safety, and Emergency Management website.

As a reminder, contact Watauga Medics at 9-911 for emergency transportation to Watauga Medical Center Emergency Room. For non-emergency transportation to Boone Urgent Care or Watauga Medical Center Emergency Room, contact Appalachian Police at ext. 2150.

If you have questions, please contact us at Extension 4008.

Recommended First Aid Kit Supplies

  • Emergency Phone Numbers, Emergency Contact List - includes the Appalachian Police Department, Student Health Services, other emergency response agencies; available on the App State Search Page (click on more options on the App State Home web page) or contact our office for a list.
  • Adhesive Bandages (Band Aids)
  • Adhesive Tape (if needed) -- secure gauze, bandages
  • Alcohol or Antiseptic Wipes
  • Antibiotic Ointment
  • Disposable Latex-free Surgical Gloves - provide first aid care; available from Central Warehouse

First aid kit supplies should be placed in a well sealed, easily accessible container or storage device for prompt, emergency use. Kits should be checked regularly for restocking purposes. First aid care should be followed by medical care if deemed necessary. Supervisors and other responsible personnel need to be skilled in proper First Aid, CPR techniques, and AED equipment use.

NOTE: Contact our office at Extension 4008 if you feel you need to use additional, specialized 1st aid supplies in your area.


First Aid Kit