Use the following resources for more information on safety best practices.

Biological Safety

Chemical Safety

MSDS-Related Links

  • Searchable database of MSDS
  • MSDS Solutions
  • Vermont SIRI - One of the most complete MSDS collections on the web. You may be able to find your product more quickly if you know the CAS (Chemical Abstract Service) number or NSN (National Stock Number). All pure chemicals and many mixtures have been assigned CAS numbers; all MSDS must include the CAS number if there is one available.
  • MSDS-Search - Connects you to MSDS websites of many manufacturers (some sites don't have the actual MSDSs but allow you to request an MSDS via email, which is handy).
  • MSDS-Search - Allows you to quickly search several MSDS databases on the web, including the "Vermont SIRI" site.
  • New Jersey Right to Know - Easy-to-read "plain English" descriptions of common chemicals and chemical products.
  • University of Kentucky - No MSDSs but many links to other websites. Also offers a nice glossary of MSDS terms.
  • Howard Hughes Medical Institute Laboratory chemicals only. Very readable.

Community Right-to-Know

  • LEPC/SERC Home Page

Confined Spaces


Fire Safety

Building Safety/Inspections