Fire and Life Safety

Fire Safety

Be prepared. Keep emergency numbers posted by your telephone. Know the locations of fire extinguishers, fire alarm pull stations and building exit routes.

Keep your work area neat and tidy and keep combustibles such as paper and trash to a minimum. Don't place or store items in hallways, stairwells or exit ways. Keep these areas clear for quick and safe egress. Don't wedge/prop open stair or fire rated doors. These doors are there to help protect you and the building from smoke and fire in an emergency.

Use extension cords for temporary needs only. Don't overload outlets or run cords under carpeting or through doorways. Items such as candles, incense and oil lamps are not allowed in academic buildings (See the Open Flame Policy in the University Policy Manual.)

If you have any questions about fire safety in your area, please contact the Fire and Life Safety Manager or call 828-262-4008.

Fire Drills

Fire drills are conducted in each campus building equipped with a fire alarm system. Drills are normally coordinated through department directors, deans or chairpersons and every effort will be made to minimize disruptions to normal operations. During a fire drill, occupants are required to evacuate during fire drills and should familiarize themselves with the emergency evacuation procedures found in the University Policy Manual (Fire Prevention and Emergency Action).

Any questions regarding fire drills should be directed to the Fire and Life Safety Manager or by calling 828-262-4008.

The following schedule details fire drill frequency per building type:

  • Monthly - Educational (App State Child Development Center, Lucy Brock)
  • Quarterly - Residence Halls, Assembly Buildings (Belk Library Commons, Broyhill Inn & Conference Center, Broyhill Music, Central Dining Hall, Farthing Auditorium, Holmes Convocation Center, Kidd Brewer Stadium, Legends, Living Learning Center -Academic Wing, McKinney Alumni Center, Plemmons Student Union, Quinn Recreation Center, Sofield Indoor Practice Facility, Student Recreation Center, Trivette Hall, Turchin Visual Arts Center, Valborg Theater, Varsity Gymnasium)
  • Annually - Academic/Support Buildings

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