Hazardous Waste Pickup Procedure

Any person that handles, or has the potential to handle hazardous chemical waste at Appalachian State University, must attend the "Responsible Management of Hazardous Waste" training course offered by EHS&EM. You may request this course be provided at your workplace or other area of choosing with a minimum or four attendees. This training program covers topics such as hazardous waste determination, safe handling techniques, proper storage practices and emergency response procedures.


  • Ensure all containers are clean, in good condition and compatible with the waste material for which they are intended to hold. If the container has structural issues, such as rust, fractures or a contaminated exterior, the waste should be transferred to another container in good condition and free of contamination.
  • Use sturdy containers specifically manufactured to hold laboratory reagents or hazardous chemicals and avoid using domestic containers such as milk jugs and beverage bottles to hold chemical waste.
  • Keep waste containers closed at all times unless adding or removing waste. Use the container's original cap and avoid using substitutes such as parafilm, aluminum foil, corks, etc. Waste containers that are not tightly closed cannot be picked up for removal.
  • Label all hazardous waste containers appropriately with an "App State Hazardous Waste label". The container must be labeled with the words "Hazardous Waste" and each constituent must be listed by common or IUPAC name (no abbreviations, structures or formulas). The volume percentage of each constituent must be listed and the recorded sum of these percentages must equal 100%. Hazardous waste containers cannot be picked up for removal unless labeling rules are followed.
  • Once the waste is ready to be removed from your lab or work area, complete a "Hazardous Waste Inventory Form" by transferring information from your hazardous waste container labels to the form. Email this completed form to Appalachian State's Environmental Affairs Manager.
  • The Environmental Affairs Manager will review the hazardous waste inventory form and contact you to arrange for an appropriate time to remove the hazardous waste.

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