Radiation Training

Radiation Training

All users of radioactivity must be familiar with the principles of radioisotope physics and chemistry, hazards, and safety. Please note that training requirements are different for each source category (consumables, sealed sources, and X-ray producing machines) and may vary depending on the user's home department.

Consumable Sources

  • To be granted a Radiation Use Authorization (RUA), applicants must:
    • attend at radiation protection/health physics training conducted or approved by the Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) within the previous year. The 2 videos on Basic Radiation Safety on the Radiation Safety AsULearn site meet this requirement, and
    • achieve a passing score (greater than or equal to 70%) on the radiation protection/health physics exam, which is accessed online through AsULearn.  Please contact 262-4008 to register for the AsULearn training and assessment.
  • Current RUA holders are required to retrain annually as described above. Failure to document retraining after two notifications may result in a revocation of the user's RUA.

Sealed Sources

  • The primary point of contact on the Sealed Source Management Plan (SSMP) is responsible for ensuring users complete any required safety training, if applicable. SSMP holders should document any training activities, but Research Protections does not require copies of training records.

X-ray Producing Machines

  • To be granted a Radiation Use Authorization for X-ray producing machines (RUAXPM), applicants must:
    • complete machine specific training as determined by their department and approved by the RSO,
    • provide the name of the authorized trainer who supervised the training (Section II of the RUAXPM form), and
    • have the applicant and authorized trainer sign the RUAXPM to certify that all departmental training requirements have been fulfilled.  
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