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Appalachian State University is licensed by the State of North Carolina to use radiation sources in operations, education, and research.  Before faculty, academic staff, and students use radioactive materials and/or X-ray producing machines, procedures outlined in the University's Radiation Safety Manual must be followed.   A summary of the requirements for category specific (consumables, sealed sources, and X-ray producing machines) is below.

Consumable Sources

  • An approved Radiation Use Authorization (RUA) is required to order, purchase, or possess radioisotopes.  To obtain an RUA:
    • complete safety training and score 70% or higher on the safety training quiz posted on AsULearn
    • complete and submit an RUA application form to the Radiation Safety Officer (RSO)
  • RUAs must be renewed annually by retraining and obtaining the RSO's approval of an annual reporting form
  • To obtain additional consumable sources, once an RUA has been granted, complete the Application for New Radioactive Material (ANRM) and obtain the Radiation Safety Officer's approval prior to ordering or receiving any materials

Sealed Sources

  • The primary point of contact for sealed source(s) must register sealed source(s) with the RSO by completing a Sealed Source Management Plan (SSMP)
  • SSMP holders work with the RSO to schedule biannual wipe tests

X-ray Producing Machines

  • An approved Radiation Use Authorization for X-ray Producing Machines (RUAXPM) is required to operate an X-ray producing machine.  To obtain an RUAXPM, applicants must:
    • complete machine specific training as determined by their department and approved by the RSO
    • complete and submit an RUAXPM application

Radiation Safety forms are available on the Radiation Safety Forms Page.
For questions, please contact the Radiation Safety Officer or 828-262-4008. 

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 Updated June 15, 2021

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