Prescription Safety Glasses

Procedure for Purchasing Prescription Safety Glasses

Employee Procedure:

  1. Schedule an appointment with your vision care provider (optometrist, opthamologist).
  2. Select your desired frames from the list at NC State Employee Safety Contract Frame Selection. It can be helpful to your vision care provider if you bring a photo of the frames you have selected.
  3. Go to App State Customized Rx Safety Glasses Order Form, write in the frame style, and print out the form.  Take it with you to your appointment.
  4. Ensure the vision care provider completes the form and includes any necessary additional information such as recommended features or add-ons (for example, lined or progressive multi-focal lenses, polarized lenses for extensive outdoor work, lightweight lenses for very high corrections, etc.)
  5. Provide the completed form to your department's YoMart "Requestor" (i.e. the person who places YoMart orders for your department).
  6. Your department's YoMart Requestor will obtain a quote and then complete the procurement in YoMart (see procedure below).
  7. Your vision care provider should notify you when the glasses arrive; once you have picked them up, be sure to let your departmental procurement representative know so that they can complete the YoMart transaction.

Departmental YoMart "Requestor" Procedure:

  1. Fax request for quote along with the completed order form to Nash Optical Plant at 252-459-7500.
  2. Upon receiving the quote, initiate a YoMart requisition:
    1. Scan in completed prescription.
    2. For YoMart "Product Description," enter "Safety Glasses per attached prescription."
    3. For YoMart "Supplier," type "public safety," then select "North Carolina Department of Public Safety" from the options that appear.
    4. Include scanned order form and quote to YoMart requisition as an external attachment.
  3. After all necessary approvals are complete:
    1. App State Purchasing Office will fax/email the order to Nash Optical Plant via YoMart.
    2. Nash Optical Plant will fulfill the order and ship it to employee's vision care provider.
    3. Employee's vision care provider will contact employee to come in for a fitting.
  4. After employee has obtained the glasses, "Recieve" the order in YoMart.

FAQs on State of North Carolina Requirements for Replacing Prescription Safety Glasses


[Last reviewed 05/24/2021]

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