Caught in the Act

The Department of Environmental Health, Safety, and Emergency Management (EHS&EM) has created a special "Caught in the Act" employee recognition program and feature to appear in the "Appalachian Scene." "Caught in the Act" will recognize an employee who has been caught in the act of performing his/her work in a safe and healthy manner.

With the selected employees' permission, a brief description of the safe and healthy work practices and a photograph may be published in Appalchian Announcements or Staff Shout Out. The employee will also be presented with a safety promotional award.

All campus employees are encouraged to participate in this activity. Feel free to complete a nomination form for any employee who should be recognized for their safe and healthy work practices or contributions to safety and health at Appalachian State University. Click on the link below to access and print the "Caught in the Act" nomination form.

Completed nomination forms should be forwarded to EHS&EM, located in the Building Services Annex Building or may be faxed to our office at ext. 6914 or emailed to

Contact EHS&EM if you have questions or would like additional nomination forms (Extension 4008).

Click here for "Caught in the Act" Nomination Form.

(Updated May 24, 2021)

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